Improve Your Security Guard Service with these 5 Easy Steps

Each property manager looks forward to hire a hail and healthy security company, but not too often the security services meet their expectations. Majority of the security companies are potent enough to provide them with the facilities they look for, but they fail vastly due to the quality control measures. Security guard companies stand apart in nature of services they provide as they are unique kind of vendors. For example, if you hire a gardener to take care of your lawn, you could easily evaluate his performance by looking at the even tone of the grass being cut. But when you hire a security guard company, it is difficult to monitor the records and performance of the individual guards as they couldn’t be taken into consideration all the time. Other factors that play a vital role in assessing the performance of the security guard company include running background detail check and screening the drugs, evaluating the kind of training being provided to the security guards and keeping a check on the activities of the security guards.

Following are the measures which illustrate about how to improve your security guard services and achieving the aim of an ideal security care workforce:-

  1. Rope in the qualified guards

In some states it is made compulsory for the guards to have a minimum qualification and a period of training to commence their security careers. If your state doesn’t follow these guidelines then make sure your security guard company complies strictly to screening of the guards. It is imperative that the security company should examine their guards carefully for drug test and background detail check before they are sent to the project site for their respective work. The project manager must conduct interviews for the guards to rope in the fittest of the fit guards and explain them his expectations and objectives of their tenure at the project site. This short interview with the guards would provide you with a brief idea about what to expect from the guards and also provides you an opportunity to change any of the inappropriate guards.

  1. Careful assessment of the guard training

Generally the guard’s orientation and introduction to the project site is thorough and complete but in some cases the orientations are less informative and do not acclimatize the guard to the foreign environment. And if the guard is not well trained enough, it would be difficult for him to adjust in the new work environment. The orientation and introduction of the guard at the target property is called the “site directed training”. Here you can figure out what exactly does your site directed training looks like:-

  1. Does it happen to be at your own property?
  2. The training is conducted by whom?
  3. What is the training duration of each of the newly assigned officer?
  4. Whether the post orders are explained thoroughly or not?
  5. How long does it take for the security guard company to double bank? (Double banking is the process of working together of the new security guard along with the veteran security guard)

Note down the answers to each of these questions and ensure that they fit in well with your requirements.

  1. Review your security guard’s surveillance

Guard supervision is the most important aspect to a decent security guard company. A poor surveillance creates room for lesser improvement and a much low emphasis on correcting mistakes. Detailed monitoring of the guard creates room for his personal improvement and helps him to understand his duties better. If they are not monitored regularly, they begin to feel less important to the company and their job becomes much mundane and monotonous, which results in less overall development of the company. One step that could be incorporated to keep a regular vigil at the guards is to appoint on site supervisors. But what if your contract doesn’t include the onsite supervisors? How do the security guard companies supervise their guards? The answer to these questions is a couple of methods which are devised to remotely supervise the guards:-

  1. Tracking system by the officer on tour
  2. Check-ins by the officers

The officer tour tracking system plays a vital role in keeping check on the guards if it includes on site rounds by him/her. The tracking system generates automatic reports which could be utilized by the security guard company to monitor the individual performance of its guards and improve on their mistakes. The officer check-in system on the other hand ensures the safety of the guards and monitors the timing and details of the guards at the project location.

  1. Guard inspection

Inspecting and enquiring your guards about the real time environment and talking to them at their own level of hierarchy helps significantly in knowing the ground reality of the guards and the way the work is being conducted. In fact, it is suggested to inspect your guards regularly in two tier form, which is formally or post-inspection and informally that is secret shop, by an authorized security officer who is entitled to audit your security guard company.

  1. Conduct regular meetings with your security guard company

The last point is to focus your attention on regular meetings with the security company that you have hired. Prepare well drafted feedbacks about the security offered by them and discuss in detail about the improvements that you desire them to make. By missing on it, the property managers are giving away easy opportunities to make steady increases in the efficiency of their projects. These meetings must cover some important aspects such as guard feedback, feedbacks registered from the surveillance systems whereas the security inspections and audits must be conducted regularly.

All the five points broadly discussed above are the few easy steps to consider and followed at the time of improving your security guards services.

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